Life . Really

This month we slipped back into homeschooling.   
It's been fun; it's been interesting; but essentially, trying to pick up 
from where we left off has been quite blah.

Trying to work around Ms. Wild Rose's schedule has been work. 
At 6 weeks old, she is really so new to the world - to us - to everything. 
It's not easy for her.

Some days everything seems to flow, and we harmonize perfectly. 
On those days I feel so relaxed and prepared.
But those days are few and rare.

Before I was able to get moving, and commit to a set schedule, (which is not needed for unschooling per se);
I noticed that Moonface was becoming quite spoiled being at home with too much time 
on her hands.

The reality is that she watches way more TV than I would like (with my MIL)
and she's hardly inspired to do much anymore.
So instead of continuing, I feel as if I am starting over.

Of course, sometimes she's overly enthusiastic and inspired,
and as you can guess,
those are the times when I must tend to Moonface, or pop
out to pick her brother up from school *sigh*.

One positive thing is that The Man is still helping with homeschooling (thankfully).
I can't say when we will feel comfortable in our rhythm; it's a work in progress.

The Man returns to work in a few weeks...another change :(
I think until we settle Wild Rose, nothing will be easy in our home.
Let's see how that goes!

This week we had a productive homeschooling week (it's only been 2 weeks).
Activities included creating a terrarium, baking, making soup, 
outdoor play, crafting (snowflakes, poppies), painting, and lots of free play.

She's been doing really well with Arabic learning - French not so much.
We also have had zero piano time, but we do sing songs lol.
Unfortunately, my girl has been missing out on more nature activities.
We are working on that.


Marie Kléber says:
at: 13 November 2017 at 07:42 said...

I imagine it'll take time...
For every one to find his/her own place in this new organisation
You're doing the best you can. It is the only thing that matters
Take care Salma

*Freespirit Salma says:
at: 15 November 2017 at 08:17 said...

Yes & yes...it will take time.
Everything that is worth something takes time.






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