INGs of Autumn

The twinkle of lights appear more and more as the days pass.
Stores are stocked with all things festive. 
Cafes boast scrumptious holiday/Christmas-inspired treats, 
alongside piping hot teas and coffees.

'tis almost the season for celebrating all that is good, 
and wonderful in this life.

Around here, we continue to celebrate the everydays.
The children are busy finding things to distract their hands, and minds.

When they are all done with whatever they've been up to,
they complain about being bored, not tired, or hungry -
or all three.

After a long day of early breakfast, drop offs, a flurry of activities, all with 
a baby in tow, I am all ready for quiet evenings.

The children also seem to go in hibernation-mode in the evenings.
We all tend to get cozy in my not so big bed, and either watch a show, or read stories.

As for our other activities, we have a few things planned...

I have made promises that I must keep:

hot chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches (or) grilled cheese in the park

finding acorns

making a sensory tub

roasting marshmallows (gotta find some gelatin-free ones)

a library visit to borrow some seasonal books (way over-due)






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