Baking day

Baking day consists of baking or spending time in the kitchen creating some kind of treat.
The thing with Moonface is that she always wants to bake the same things.
Although lately, she has been asking to make a carrot cake :)

I don't fuss about it because I figure if we bake what we really like then it will not be wasted.
However, I have tried without success to convince her to make something else,
like bread, or dinner rolls or latkes.

I think I will have to change it up a bit and alternate between a sweet treat,
and a meal.
Perhaps combining soup day with baking day?

Moonface is not a selfish baker either.
Whenever we are in the kitchen,
she always wants to make something special for EVERYONE and their neighbour.
As you can see, she's quite generous with my time lol.

If Wild Rose is awake, we keep it simple.
Wild Rose was asleep on this particular day,
so we baked a special treat for baba (dad).
It was kind of our own version of a lava cake, with
Kit Kat chocolate bar in the centre.
For her and her big brother, she wanted something a bit different...






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