The Boy 7 Years Around the Sun

7 years?

This boy - my only boy has brought so much love into our home.
The Man always tells the story of this boy.
The boy who made us all laugh again, after a period of sadness.
The story, HIS story will never get old.

Anyone who has ever wished for and was blessed with a rainbow baby
will understand where I am coming from.
...he filled a great void.

He is wise, and kind, and so so smart mashallah.
He is an awesome big brother
a kind soul who loves his family so much.
He has a laughter that just lifts you right up...always.
But mostly, he is his own person...(something that I respect even as his mother).

I hope he lives to see many more birthdays inshallah.

This year was not a party year (we alternate between the kiddos), so we just enjoyed dinner and dessert.

Moonface and I made The Boy's cake.
He asked for chocolate, insisting it was his favorite.

This surprised me, cause (for some reason) I didn't know that he likes chocolate cake that much.

**We would also like to wish a dear friend across the ocean a beautiful birthday...you know who you are :)


Marie Kl├ęber says:
at: 30 October 2017 at 09:49 said...

7 years old! Salma I remember so well the day he is born. Your words fill my heart with love. May he be blessed and have a lovely life.

*Freespirit Salma says:
at: 2 November 2017 at 20:48 said...

I cannot believe it either.
Thank you Marie for being a true friend all these years.





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