Moonface 4 Years Around the Sun

My 5th baby turned 4 today.
I know that every parent ask this, but seriously, where does the time go?
Seems like yesterday, I was waiting for her birth and now...

I still remember the first time the nurse laid her on my chest.
She was a fighter mashallah, she was ready for the world...after she got some milk lol.
That's the one thing that I remember since day one.
She was serious about nursing. 
In our journey, as we've been doing our little dance, 
it took almost forever to wean her.
That's the only thing that I remember that made me miserable lol.

Other than that, my little girl is amazingly empathetic,
and bright,
and she loves her family.
She's stubborn, and very very passionate about most things. 
She's a force of nature, really.
The Man says she gets her stubborn streak from me. 
I say the girl never had a chance, with parents like us.
We are both stubborn.

She is reflective, and quiet, and wise.
I think anyone who takes the time to reflect and remain calm is wise.
It just makes sense.

Parenting her is scary at times.
I am not afraid to do it.
It's just that sometimes she's just too level-headed, and practical.
It makes me wonder who's the adult in the relationship.

It's not to say she doesn't have her moments of tantrums and unrealistic demands.
Oh boy does she ever.
Remember I started off by saying she's stubborn (remember this post)?
But she's pretty well balanced.

I do pray a million times that she continues to grow strong and beautiful, as she carries empathy and joy in all she does.
I guess that's this mother's prayer.

4 years around the sun.
*Love her to pieces*
/Iman got her a cake






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