Celebrating a Wild Rose

We have been blessed to know Wild Rose for almost one month mashaallah.
This little girl and I made it through a risky c-section.
'We' made it!
I cannot believe it has been almost a month.
I refuse to believe it; but I am ever so thankful.

This past weekend (on Sunday afternoon), we celebrated our precious girl.
I got to introduce our baby girl to all the people that I hold dear.
My heart was so full of joy and gratitude.
Words cannot describe how I felt, and still feel today (as I look back at the photos).

It is amazing how our family has grown with the presence of this wonderful little person alhamdulillah. 
What's also amazing is that the days seem so long, yet time passes so quickly.
And in that quick pace of life comes a stillness that is both promising and frightening...
In the stillness is an invitation to make beautiful memories,
and to hold on to those that we make connections with - those that feed our soul.

I realized as I sat surrounded by my family, friends, and their children that Wild Rose's arrival couldn't come at a better time.
Regardless of season, time or place, the coming together of people we care about,
and those that care about us. 
Regardless of the hardships, subhanallah, I am here, and I am blessed.

A Little Background...
It was different this time around in various ways.  For example, there was no official "naming ceremony". Knowing that we would not host the celebration on the 7th day as is customary, we didn't mind letting everyone know baby's name. So, there was no big name reveal or anything like that.

In addition, with the other children, we always sent money to family for the aqeeqah (slaughter of lamb). This being my last child, I really REALLY wanted to do the slaughter here in Calgary as I truly wanted my family and friends to experience this aspect of our faith (sharing the meat) etc. 
Unfortunately, The Man and I were extremely exhausted and I was 99% responsible for setting everything up, and being sleep deprived, and recovering from a crazy c-section, I just couldn't follow through with it, so we kept with tradition.

Another thing is that we did not shave baby's hair. I don't know, I thought about it. The Man and I spoke about it, and in the end, we agreed that while it is sunnah, we would not do it this time. 

In essence, our day was simply a celebration of Wild Rose's birth and life (so far)...inshaallah.
Being off bed-rest just 2 days before the celebration, it was hectic.
The Man helped with some last minute cleaning the morning of, but generally I had my hands full. 

I made simple salads, small sides, and cooked a big pot of beef and potato curry.
I had already decided a week prior that we would not be having a cake...I'm all caked out.
So, I served fruit, baklava & macaroons for dessert.
By the time dessert was served, I was continuously at the door waving someone off, 
so we didn't have much of a formal end to the day.
It was such a great day that it didn't matter.

Wild Rose did really well, seeing so many new faces and being cuddled in so many arms.Honestly, there is no better way to celebrate life than with good friends, my children, and food ;).

With every new blessing comes new responsibility. I could still use more sleep. 
I am beat, and I am trying to find yet again a new rhythm, 
or at least to go with the flow of life as I know it right now.
Alas, there's no point complaining about sleepless nights is there?! 

We ask Allah to guide and bless baby N, and our family. We ask him to give us patience and wisdom in raising all of our children. We ask him to keep us on the straight path, and to help us turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones, as we strive for jannah. 

*I cannot thank the wonderful ladies enough for their support and love (you know who you are).


Calgary Russian Day Home says:
at: 18 October 2017 at 15:10 said...

Thank you, Dear! For sharing this beautiful story! You are so gentle and so strong! I can't even imaging hosting such an event 3 weeks after c-section. You are my hero! I am so grateful and so happy we met!

Marie Kl├ęber says:
at: 19 October 2017 at 06:36 said...

Your photos are wonderful. I would have loved to share this precious time with you.
She is a baeauty. May God protect her and you all, may God shower grace, love and light over your house my friend.

**Freespirit says:
at: 22 October 2017 at 09:15 said...

Hello G,
Thank you for sharing this special day with me and my family.
You have a wonderful spirit and I cannot wait to get to know you even better.

**Freespirit says:
at: 22 October 2017 at 09:17 said...

Thank you for the wonderful prayer. I pray for the same for you and yours.
I too would have loved to share this special time with you. I know know someday sooon
we will bring our families together.
Love & light :)





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