Autumn Air

🍂🍁We are beginning to see the slow turning of the earth towards even darker, cooler mornings.
The pulse of our home has changed to a rapid and sometimes raging blaze of action.
Gone (for now) are the relaxed morning spent with Moonface in the kitchen, 
as we sent her brother off to school. 
Our morning rhythm is temporary, but the rollercoaster of emotions flow. 

A couple of days ago we got snow...if you can believe it.
Moonface is upset because she never got to build the much talked about snowman.
It's not that anyone agreed to make one with her as we had a Drs appointment,
but she convinced me that baba said she could go outside, and vice versa.
I told her not to worry, because there will be lots more snow to come IA.

As I came home from my appointment, the little nut greeted me in the backyard 
in her sneakers, capri pants and a t-shirt...
did I mention there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground?

There's a new voice in the house, mashaallah.
She is such a relaxed baby. 
I suppose I always knew that because at every ultrasound 
she just went with the flow...

As for home life, generally it has been slow for me since my surgery.
But the need to keep moving is a must. The floor chills my feet in the mornings.
I am dressing the children in more layers. 
We are all looking for warm cozy corners and nooks, 
and huddling close, lazily together under warm blankets, 
watching movies and documentaries lol.
Just before giving birth I baked and froze a lot of yummy treats.
They are being served with our communal pots of various teas or warm milk in the evenings.
...and we will continue to go with the flow, because that's what we do.

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