Moonface Birthday Celebration (2017)

This weekend we celebrated Zbear, Moonface, Z, Zazou's birthday.
We invited just a few of her friends,
and I can tell you that this will be the template for other birthdays in the future.
It was so simple and I didn't feel stressed out at all.

Because we didn't have the house full of children (not that we have the space).
We enjoyed home-made food & cake and there was no food wastage.
There wasn't much leftovers either.
The leftovers were mostly fruit and veggies,
which I have already packed in the freezer for smoothies.

It's not Moonface's birthday yet.
She's an October baby.
But as you can imagine, I am going to be busy in October,
especially around her birthday, so we knew we wanted to do something special before the chaos begins.

The food
I separated the kids food from the adult food.
The kids had fruits, veggies, some other snack foods, and pizza.

My thoughts/plans for the party was simple, simple, simple.
I made salmon...so simple. I didn't even prep the night before.

Since The Man was working since 5 am (he got home 1 hr after the party started),
I knew he would be hungry.
I made a spicy shrimp & sun-dried tomato pasta.
He loves pasta.

We ate the salmon with chickpea salad, a spicy mango salad, baguette,
and I made a homemade gluten-free/vegan -style roti + I served the pasta dinner as well.
There was also mixed nuts, and fruit, and of course the cake.

The cake

Moonface LOVES my baking...more the decorating than the actual cake perhaps :)
I no longer bake just vegan & gf because (well I'm not sure, I just don't).
Anyways, she always requests different cakes and desserts and I am happy to oblige.
This year she asked for My Little Pony, but changed her mind at the last minute.
I did exactly what I would have done with the MLP cake, because I was just going to get a simple Rainbow Dash topper (I think it's Rainbow Dash).

And since there was no theme, and most of the guests were boys, I wanted to give her a non-girly birthday but with a touch of whimsy.
We also had a guest who has dairy issues like me, so I baked some dairy/vegan cupcakes as well
(I will freeze those for later).

The decor

I wasn't having a whole lot of useless decorations.
I used an old gold plastic tablecloth from last year (from The Boy's bday party actually), and another gold runner for the adult table - that's it. 
I used only what I had.

She asked for pink balloons; which dad and I picked up for her.
I used our birthday ring, a silk scarf, a flower crown, and 4 candles.
(I couldn't find a lot of the wooden parts/decor - I know they are packed in a certain box from the move...no big deal).
So that was our day.
It was a good day.
I am blessed to have all of this.
I am blessed to be able to give them all of this right here and now.

One funny thing was after we sang happy birthday, I asked how old she was.
She insisted she was 3, and I said are you sure?
Everyone kept telling her she was 4, but she's right...she's still 3 years old :) :)
Smart girl...not so bright mama lol.

I was rested and felt pretty good from start to finish.
Iman and Friends helped with photos, rounding up the kids (there was so much hand-washing lol), and in just keeping things running smoothly.


at: 21 September 2017 at 01:26 said...

Oh mashaAllah wa tabarackaAllah what a beautiful little girl ZBear has become. Barakalafeeki sister for sharing Love & Salams K xxxxx

**Freespirit says:
at: 21 September 2017 at 17:38 said...

K, *tears* thank you sis. I cannot believe it has been (almost) 4 years.
I look back and literally become a stupid mess. It's a bonus to have friends on the journey too.
Please start journaling again.





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