First Day of School (2017/18)

Today was The Boy's first day of school.
We prepped him and ourselves for the first morning, but it seems there's one person we
forgot to prep...Moonface.

We had everything prepared for the day, and all was going well, except that Moonface was not in the mood for this or that, or anything for that matter.
She refused to eat breakfast. 
She changed her mind at the last minute and had a fit when I refused, because we had to leave.
So there were loads of tears, and while I tried to remain very calm, I was annoyed that she was ruining her brother's first day of school.

The Boy did really well.
He reluctantly and "politely" answered all of Madame's questions en Franรงais of course.
You just have to encourage him, he actually knows his stuff, but he's so shy.

We actually dropped The Boy off at school this morning, just because. 
When we arrived to pick him up he was nowhere to be found.
His name was crossed off the bus list (as in he was supposed to be physically sitting on the bus), but he wasn't.
I didn't feel panicked, because none of the buses had left.
But I was like hmm...where's my kid?

Turns out he was in the office, because they had forgotten to stamp his hand for the bus
so in a sense, he was left with the children who were not taking the bus.
So, he did what any smart kid would do;
he walked to the office and stayed there; and that was that.
All ends well right?

He said he had a great day, and he ate all his lunch (which is a very big deal).

I have him journaling in the evenings about his days, and he literally went through his whole day point by point, lol.

There's just one thing...
We are highly disappointed to find that the bus stop is not accessible at all.
We have to drive to the stop, or take the city bus (we only have 1 car). 
However, we are paying for school bus service(?) anyway.
I don't know. 
That's going to be difficult and stressful in the winter.
I'll pray about it, I guess.






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