Detoxing before Giving Birth?

uhm, actually yes, YES, i am detoxing just before birth
i've been drinking my favourite detox smoothies, 
because i am starting to feel the effects of eid eating, moonface's
birthday eating, and everything in between.

whenever i need a bit of a pick me up, this is my go to smoothie
generally it includes as many green things as i can find in my refrigerator,
but the base is always parsley
(I usually throw in other greens like green apples, celery, lime, avocado + lemon (not really green but...), kale, spinach etc etc).
1 big handful of parsley leaves
1 lime

1 half avocado
5-6 kale leaves
handful of blueberries
fresh ginger
1 cup milk of choice (we use unsweetened almond)
few ice cubes

*I also add my daily dose of fish oil to the mix*






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