Getting enough sleep has been tough.
We are transitioning Moonface from co-sleeping, and it has been tiring.
We have been trying to transition this girl for a year now.
We fight - she fights back.
We're tired, so we lose out every single time.

Now that we don't have a choice, (well), we don't have a choice...it's that simple.
We need our bedroom back.
We're trying a few tactics, and trying to stay strong as a unit.
We are also not fussing about her sleeping in her bed all night.
She tends to come to our bed around  2 or 3 am.
It's not ideal, but it's better than her NEVER sleeping in her bed/room at all.

Sometimes things just work themselves out.
Maybe when we bring the baby home IA, she will have migrated permanently to her room.
Here's to hoping.






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