Savoring Each Day

Lately, I've been taking time to just enjoy quiet moments around the house with the kids.
There is a slow, but deliberate countdown until school starts. 
Most of our days are spent reading, creating, tending to our plants on the patio, and having as much open play as possible.

While we are following our daily rhythm (which I only started sticking
to again).
We are not learning any French, or math or anything like that.

And Of course we are waiting for baby.
There is much discussion now about when she will arrive. 
The kids are excited, because they want to "teach her things", and remind her it's not nice to take toys.
They also plan on feeding, changing, and burping her, lol.

We're just savouring each day.

Enjoying some mornings with baba when he doesn't work earlier,
learning about interesting things - like the solar system, and life on the planet earth specifically.

In all honesty, with all of this beauty, and the gift of spending the last weeks of my pregnancy in the cocoon of my home, I still have daily struggles. There's frustrations, and doubts, and there are things about my home life that I really really have a hard time with, but c'est la vie.
So, I don't mean to make all of my days seem picture perfect, because they are far from it. But, right now, I just want to focus on the good. 

And as I said a few posts back, we enjoy going on late evening walks.

Things are always better when you add nature.






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