While doing the housework, tending to these littles, wandering aimlessly, and trying NOT to go into early labour I have been thinking of a couple of things I want to do sooner than later.


  • Make my seasonal calendar with important dates. I cannot believe I threw out my calendar. Le sigh.
  • Start prepping The Boy for school. This year he is starting a new school *tears*. I am afraid for him, but it's hardly appropriate to be afraid for him while he is the one who needs to go through this change.
  • Set up a few playdates for the Littles.
  • Plan b-day parties...Oldest kid is turning 20, Moonface, The Boy (not) to mention aqeeka for baby.
  • Try to get The Boy off dairy...completely. He doesn't do well with it at all. I have spoken to The Man about the effects which are very noticeable. In short, I need everyone on board. 
  • Setting an (un)curriculum for Moonface's unschooling. We will be starting her daily rhythm/unschooling in November.
  • Wash, fold baby clothes....make birth plan...pack hospital bag. Essentially, getting everything ready for baby.






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