Rhythm of the Home

New house.
School is out (sad to say The Boy didn't make it to school to say good-bye to his friends on the last day).
The days are longer.
Toys have been purged & purged again
and yet there are still bags and baskets overflowing with
silk scarves,
musical instruments,
and loads of blocks.

The sounds are all different - especially if you open the windows.
There is traffic right outside our door.
and there is no driveway to ride bikes
garage to play and stay a bit cool or warm when it's blistering and blustering outside.

The smells are all different too.
In our kitchen, it smells just like home
as it should (of course).
There's still early morning baking...some mornings, and late (ish) dinners.
There's still bubbles for baths, and the lovely scent of spritz of rose water in various corners of the house.
But most other things just smell differently.

There's also no creaking under our feet as we walk.
There we had hardwood floors.
Here there is carpet...it's cozy.

Our tree-lined home, our grassy green space is no more.
We will have to discover new spaces to run & grow.
We have wandered a bit lately.
We are getting used to this.
I think the children understand that this is not just a weekend home anymore
this is our home - where we will stay

Finding our new rhythm has been interesting.






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