Honor Your Space & Therapy

If something in your life isn't honoring you, then it simple doesn't deserve a seat at your table. It is healthy to let go. ~Sherrie Campbell
Honoring yourself & forgiving other simultaneously, whew, it's work. 
I am so working on this right now. 
My therapist and I have discussed this in so many of our sessions, and I am pleased; it is what I need to do.

She's great, and understands where I am coming from, but I know in the beginning, middle and end, I must do the work.

Some thoughts (from our latest session):
  • Honouring myself is the starting block...nothing comes before me - not even my children.If I want to be honored by others in this life, it all starts with honoring myself first. 
  • I am worthy of respect and love.
  • I am worthy of peace and piece of mind.
  • I am worthy...period

Some of the simple things that she has asked me to do for myself:
  • Sit down and eat my "carefully" prepared meals...(I have been doing this by placing my food on a nice plate, or in a nice bowl).
  • Breathe and let thoughts flow freely. Trying to stop a negative thought may not always be the solution. Working through my emotions (who, what, why does THAT thought/process matter) is worth exploring.
  • Be assertive, say no, I can't, I won't - when I cannot, or I simply should not.

She's also asked me to read Brene Brown's work... ( I like Brene)
(Part 2...another time)






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