Beauty haul & update

/ some things that I love

I needed some things so I headed out with the kids after a long day of work and school.
I fed them, and myself caramel chocolate (yes, before dinner),
to make them compliant.
Of course, this only worked for 10 minutes and then they were off attacking stuff and each other.

I am good with staying on budget when it comes to my beauty supplies
because I never need all my products at the same time,
and I don't wear make up.

This time however, I just stocked up because I am pregnant
and I don't want to go back for another haul until the Fall - after baby.
Not sure if it's practical as skin changes so much during and after pregnancy...
will see how that goes.

I bought :
henna (for hair) ...not sure I'll use during pregnancy
essential oils
sheet masks
regular face masks
aloe cream
body wash...didn't get the one I really wanted
orange blossom water
and completely unrelated...the kids scored My Little Pony toys

My tummy, the c-section area has been so irritatingly itchy.
Oh my goodness, it's driving me mad.
I literally took out my body brush and just went at it.
Of course there is really no relief cause it's an internal itch...sigh*.
I never mentioned anywhere, but I have a classical c-section scar from THAT emergency c-section.
This in itself is an issue.

Sleeping's good; but I do wake up every night and can't go back to sleep for 2-3 hours.
My mind is working overtime.
I need to stop it.
Other than that, when I wake up I feel mostly rested.
Mostly...sort of.

The one thing that I picked up that I look forward to are my essential oils
...I have a small diffuser that I plan on bringing to the hospital.
Other than that, I am here.
I am fine.
I am still standing.






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