This morning I walked through the house and looked at it like I've never looked at it before.
It was such a beautiful late -spring morning. 
The rooms are slowly being emptied.
Soon this house will not be my house. 
Nothing looks the same. 
I am not the same. 

Moving is its own thing, but there are so many other things going on right now.
As I pare down, and try to minimize before the move, I am growing steadily - well my baby is growing. 
It's a funny thing in a way. 
Moving into a smaller space, while growing a family may just be a bit insane.
I am blessed...I know this. 
I have options, but I still feel overwhelmed.

Carrying children really does change you doesn't it?
Imagine the mother who carries 10 children, or even more.
Where does she find her space? 
Her sanity?
How does she create space to maintain her sanity - once she's found it lol.
I feel overwhelmed with just 4...






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